Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid: Historic Sites

Wyoming Territorial Prison in Northwest Wyoming
Old Trail Town in Northwest Wyoming

The Hole-in-the-Wall, located about 30 miles west of Kaycee, can be accessed by Willow Creek Ranch. Geographically, this area had all the advantages needed for a gang attempting to evade authorities. It was easily defended and impossible for lawmen to access without detection by the Hole-in-the-Wall Gang. The original cabin that housed Butch Cassidy can now be found at the Old Trail Town in Cody, Wyoming.

Butch and Sundance also liked to frequent the Occidental Hotel in Buffalo, where rooms are named after them today. South of Buffalo and 16 miles west of Kaycee is the Outlaw Cave Recreation Area. It contains a public campground, a Native American rock shelter with pictographs, and the famous "Outlaw Cave." Another popular place for the gang to hide out was in Baggs, Wyoming, bordering Colorado and offering a quick escape.

If you trace the history of Robert Leroy Parker (that's "Butch" to you and me), you will learn that he received his nickname in Rock Springs, Wyoming,
where he worked in several butcher shops. Butch also called the Meeteetse area home for several years. He left his mark on an 1886 petition, and a few years later in 1890 was arrested outside the local Cowboy Bar that still holds the original back bar and several bullet holes from times past. Later, Butch spent time at the Territorial Prison for stealing horses, but was released with a promise to never return or operate in Wyoming again. "Sundance" received his name after being thrown in prison in Sundance, Wyoming, for the same offense.

Each year in August, a group of enthusiasts gather for an eight-day Outlaw Trail Ride beginning in Thermopolis and ending at the Hole-in-the-Wall. Guests make the trek across the vast Wyoming countryside on horseback, discovering historical landmarks along the way. The trip also includes a stop at the Hot Springs County Museum which houses the original Hole-in-the-Wall Saloon. In addition to this group, Historic Trails West offers horseback trips across various parts of Wyoming, including a six-day Outlaw Trail Ride through Hole-in-the-Wall, and Thunder Mountain Tours provides an interpretive tour with access to private land that surrounds the area, including views from the top of the bluff.

Although his death is a mystery, some believe that Butch did in fact bury loot near Mary's Lake in the Wind River Mountains. And while some think he later returned (after his alleged death) to dig up his fortune, others believe he never did – and that all that loot is still buried up there somewhere today.

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