Fishing the Grey Reef

Fishing Wyoming

The Grey Reef stretch of the North Platte River formed below the Grey Reef Reservoir, has been recognized as a trophy Blue Ribbon tail water.  It is the last untouched tail water in the West.  Many say that Grey Reef fishing is what the Bighorn and San Juan were like 15 years ago.

This tail water is home to trophy rainbow, brown, and cutthroat trout without the pressure or traffic associated with many popular tail waters today.  The flush and flow management, coupled with the artificial fly and lure only regulations, have produced the best wild rainbow trout fishery in the West.

If you want a legitimate chance at a rainbow or brown of a lifetime, come fishing with us on the North Platte River below Grey Reef.  Here you will be outnumbered by fish and wildlife, not other fisherman.  But don't take our word for it, come see for yourself what Grey Reef fishing is like.

The head waters of the North Platte River gather in the North Park area of Northern  Colorado where drainages of the Rabbit Ears and Park Ranges converge.  The river continues to flow North before entering Southern Wyoming where other feeder rivers such as the Encampment River, French Creek, and the Douglas all dump into the Platte.

The snow pack run off from all these waters feed the North Platte.  From Wyoming's southern border to Seminole Reservoir, the North Platte is a freestone river.  It experiences heavy snow pack run off from mid May to Mid June.  It continues to flow northerly from Seminole to Pathfinder, with the Miracle Mile Blue Ribbon tail water scrunched in between the two reservoirs.  From Pathfinder it continues through the Fremont Canyon stretch before it dumps into Alcova Reservoir.  It continues through the Alcova dam before entering the Grey Reef Reservoir where it is then released through Grey Reef dam.

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