Homey Huts: Stay in a Yurt

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Couple by a Yurt

Staying in a yurt is a great way to add a unique twist to your Wyoming adventure. These comfortable, permanent tent-like structures also allow you to spend your entire day in the snowy wilderness, without having to turn back to travel to your hotel.

A well developed yurt-to-yurt winter camping system near Evanston extends over a wide swath of trails that are, for the most part, designed to be traveled in non-motorized fashion by skinny ski or snowshoe. Five comfortable units comprise the system that covers pristine landscapes along the southwestern Wyoming and Utah border – 90 minutes from the airport in Salt Lake City.

Overnight charges range from $30 during the week to $60 weekends. The Evanston Parks & Recreation Dept. handles the system. More information by calling: 307-789-1770. For additional information contact Joe Wright: 307-789-7588.

Yurt to Yurt

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