Longmire on A&E
Longmire on A&E
Longmire on A&E
Longmire on A&E
Longmire on A&E

Wyoming writer Craig Johnson is watching his words come to life on national television on the A&E show, Longmire. The show is based on Johnson’s Walt Longmire mystery novels.

Longmire tells the story of a charismatic and dedicated small town America sheriff. Widowed for a year, Longmire is working to rebuild his person and professional life.

Johnson, from Ucross, Wyoming, used the Buffalo, Wyoming area as the inspiration for his fictional Absaroka County—where character Walt Longmire is sheriff. Johnson and his wife live on a Wyoming Ranch close to the Busy Bee Café, often featured on the Longmire mystery books.

Although the show is filmed in New Mexico, producers spent several days scouting Wyoming and studying the area for the show.

Buffalo and Wyoming are excited about the national attention being drawn to the area. Buffalo hosted its first “Longmire Days” in July of 2012 with plans to make this an annual event.

A&E announced Longmire has been picked up for a second season, leaving Wyomingites and show enthusiasts alike looking forward to what’s next for Longmire.

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