Road Trip This Fall in Wyoming


In Wyoming, the call of the open road is unlike anywhere else. The state's 97,914 square miles provide the perfect stage for a classic rubber-to-asphalt road trip through snow-capped mountain ranges, plains as wide as the sea and other landscapes so breathtaking that the poor souls who fall asleep with regret missing it. And with its cool breezes and colorful palette, fall is the perfect time to take to Wyoming's highways.

To start planning, use the guides and itineraries below, check out the state's Scenic Byways and Backways and be sure to visit, where you can explore even more trips and share stories of your own adventures.

Fall Colors Road Trip
Wyoming's Fall Day Trips: Laramie to Saratoga
Wyoming's Fall Day Trips: Rawlins to Canyon State Park
Wyoming's Fall Day Trips: Wind River Range to Jackson

Images: Fred Pflughoft/WTT

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