Snowmobiling in the Majestic Big Horn Mountain Range


Rated among the “top 10 areas for snowmobile trails” in the nation by American Snowmobiler magazine, there is no shortage of high-quality snowmobile trails in Wyoming’s Big Horn Mountains.

Starting in November and running through April, deep snow blankets the rolling hills. Because the area is quite cold, the snow is light and airy — lending itself to ideal snowmobiling conditions. In addition to the hundreds of miles of groomed trails, you will find thousands of acres of snow-blanketed open meadows where you can ride for hours of uninterrupted snowmobiling.

In total, the Big Horn Mountain Range includes 387 of groomed snowmobile trails. Within the mountain range lies the Big Horn National Forest, more than 1 million acres of wilderness covering elevations from 5,000 feet at the lowest point to 13,189 feet at the top of Cloud Peak — the highest point of the Big Horn Mountains. The forest features spectacular open meadows and forests that lure avid snowmobilers year after year.

Among the northern end of the mountain range lies one of the most popular trails, the Big Horn Mountain Trail System. This system includes 218 miles of groomed trails beginning near the town of Sheridan. The system is maintained through cooperative efforts from Wyoming State Parks, the Big Horn National Forest and local snowmobile clubs.

At the southern end of the Big Horns, the route follows close to U.S. 16 with gas, food and lodging at both ends of the trails system, including full facilities in both Buffalo and Worland. The lowest elevation trailhead is The Pines Lodge, located 14 miles west of Buffalo. For less experienced snowmobilers, the trail from Deer Haven to West Ten Sleep following the “A” trail covers a 15-mile long round trip. For a bit of a longer ride, the “D” Loop includes a 25-mile round trip. For a complete list of all of the trails in the National Forest, consult the USDA Forest Service

There is gas, food and other amenities dispersed throughout the Big Horn mountain range with full facilities in Sheridan, Greybull, Lovell, Buffalo and Worland. Both Bear Lodge Resort and the town of Sheridan offer complete snowmobile rentals. 

Find specific snowmobiling areas in Big Horn National Forest here.

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