Wyoming on Horseback

All visitors and supplies to Upper Hideout are packed in and out, either by horseback, 4x4, helicopter, or snowmobile.
All the horseback riding one could want: scenic trail rides, overnights to Upper Hideout, and/or cattle drives.
A few cowboys

Horseback riding in Wyoming gives the unique opportunity to inhale some much-needed fresh air and venture across acres and acres of wilderness not accessible by foot or car.

So what else makes horseback riding in Wyoming so special? For starters, many still consider horses as one of the best modes of transportation for exploring and sightseeing. The state's pristine backcountry landscape offers classic Western experience steeped in history and authenticity. There’s really no better way to roam free than to saddle up and wander through wide-open spaces, over jagged peaks and across rushing streams that criss-cross the landscape.

From luxurious dude ranch vacations to rustic overnight pack trips or day trail rides, there are opportunities for every type of rider. The best advice: Call Wyoming’s horseback riding outfitters and explain your interests, time frame and experience for the most pertinent information for planning. Approachable outfitters are more than willing to customize a horseback-riding experience according to your personal needs and wants. To get started, check out our horseback riding trip ideas listed below.

Day Trips

Perfect for families, day trips are a good way to stretch your legs while road tripping through the state. They also provide a great opportunity to see Wyoming’s top attractions in a new light. Trot the grounds in Yellowstone, Grand Teton National Park, Jackson Hole, Bighorn Mountains or the Bridger Wilderness Area. Visit the horseback riding listings and sort by region and city to find opportunities in the part of the state you plan on visiting.

Summer Pack Trips

Multi-day guided pack trips let riders delve deep into Wyoming’s wilderness and get chummy with their horse companion. Cooks accompany the trip and whip up authentic chuckwagon meals and genuine cowboy breakfasts to counter the massive amounts of calories you’ll burn in and out of the saddle on your adventurous expedition.

New to riding? Not a problem. Horseback riding outfitters welcome novice-to-expert riders and tailor trips according to experience, comfort level, age and activities of interest.

Fishing Trips

Pony up to Wyoming’s fresh streams brimming with rainbow, brook and cutthroat trout. Fishing trips can go overnight or just for a day, but they all have one thing in common: inviting waters for you and your inner-angler to partake in.

As seen on ESPN: Wyoming Wilderness Outfitters hosted ESPN for their “Fly Fishing the World with John Barrett” television spotlight. Retrace his steps with a guided trip accompanied with a cook and wrangler guide. Spend the day riding and reeling before relaxing near an open campfire under effervescent stars at night. 

Guest and Dude Ranches

Go all in with an authentic dude ranch vacation. Get down and dirty with ranches that focus solely horsemanship and riding or take a breather and relax in secluded cabins with a spa treatment thrown in for kicks. Dude ranches are ideal for those wanting to experience everything Wyoming has to offer, including but not limited to whitewater rafting, hiking, biking and the state’s signature Western hospitality.

Dude ranch vacations should be planned well in advance (read: reservations go quickly). Be sure to ask the ranch about specialty weeks for adults-only, family-specific, winter getaway packages or fall cattle drives. Start planning your Wyoming dude ranch vacation now.

One-Of-A-Kind Rides

Check out these options with a new twist on the traditional trail ride:

- For those photo-happy travelers out there, consider an outfitter that incorporates photo ops at every bend. Featured Outfitter: Black Diamond Outfitting in Bridger and Gros Ventre wilderness areas.

- Wagons West really takes the Old West theme to new heights with a covered wagon ride through the Tetons. Travel like the pioneers did and enjoy campfire festivities, chuckwagon dinners and short riding excursions throughout the history-inspired journey.

- You can’t talk horses and not mention Wyoming’s rare population of wild horses. Get up close and personal with these magnificent animals with Wyoming Country Outfitters' Wild Horse Discovery Ride or Blue Sky Sage’s Mustang Horse Adventure.

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