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The OFFICIAL TRAVEL & TOURISM website of the United States of America (Discover America) is not only the name of our country’s travel and tourism Web site, it is also a call to explore the diverse destinations found throughout the USA. Our 50 states, the District of Columbia and five territories are filled with landmarks that have become icons of the nation itself.

Countless experiences await you, from scenic coastlines and mountain ranges to vast prairies, deserts and canyons. Our exciting big cities are matched by the charms of our smaller communities. All showcase the heritage and culture of a great nation. But perhaps our greatest attraction is the spirit of the American people.

The gift of travel has given us a greater understanding for different cultures and people around the world. Along the way, we have built great friendships. It is our hope that you, too, will come to know America through your travels here.

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The Real America (RMI) provides regional information for visitors speaking English, French, German, and Italian. provides regional information for visitors speaking Japanese.