Glendo State Park

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Glendo Red Rocks
Scenic View of Glendo State Park
Glendo State Park
Glendo State Park

A recreational paradise where boaters, fishermen and water sport enthusiasts can all enjoy its sandy beaches and clear waters.

Glendo State Park is one of southern Wyoming’s most popular boating parks. It offers visitors water-skiing, fishing and other water-based activities. Day-use and overnight facilities feature improved campsites, sanitary facilities, tables and grills. A commercial concession at the reservoir provides visitors with complete marina services, motel units and fishing equipment.

Glendo State Park is located in one of the state’s most historic areas. Spanish Diggings, which suggest a large area of aboriginal activity, lie just a few miles east of the reservoir. Sand dunes that stretch from the Great Divide Basin and the Green River to the sand hills of Nebraska rise from the reservoir’s east side. Native American artifacts can still be found at the park and the surrounding area.


Red Hills and Waters Point: Camping areas have some shade trees and close access to the lake with a rock and gravel shoreline. There is a protected bay for tying boats. Grounds are not very level, and sites are exposed to the wind. Approximately 45 sites.

Reno Cove: Boat launching area has limited camping area and a few shade trees. Close access to lake with a rock and mud shoreline. There is a protected bay for tying boats. Grounds are not level, and sites are exposed to wind. Approximately 30 sites.

Custer Cove, Soldier Rock and Colter Bay: Camping areas have shade trees and close access to lake with a mud and rock shoreline. The bay is protected for tying boats. Some level sites offer fair protection from the wind. Approximately 40 sites.

Whiskey Gulch and Sagebrush: Large camping areas along the south side of a large bay with good access to the shoreline of mud and gravel. There are shade trees and lots of grass. Level sites with good wind protection and some protected areas for tying boats. Approximately 100 sites.

Two Moon: Our largest and best camping area has many pine trees for shade and wind protection. It’s located on a bluff overlooking the lake with no access to the shoreline by foot. Most sites are level with paved roads through the area. Approximately 200 sites.

Sandy Beach:This area is large with many trees above the high waterline. There are approximately two miles of sandy beach for swimming, waterskiing, etc. However, all vehicles, including campers, are no longer allowed on the beach. There are a limited number of reservable campsites. New camping areas were recently built away from the shoreline. No protection for tying boats. Room enough here for hundreds, sometimes crowds in the thousands. This campground was completely renovated between 2005-2007.

Elk Horn: The boat launching area has limited camping spaces with some shade trees. Close access to lake with a mud shoreline. The boat ramp is a short season ramp normally unusable in early July due to receding water levels. Approximately 20 sites.

Glendo Reservoir surpassed flood level with water levels expected to increase several inches per day throughout June. To help accommodate visitors at Glendo State Park, more than 100 temporary campsites have been made available as existing camping areas, facilities and water systems become inundated. Additionally, campsites are also available at the marina (307-735-4216) within the park, Howard’s (307-735-4252) and Glendo Lakeside RV (307-735-4161) in the Town of Glendo and at the Orin Junction Truck Stop (307-358-2870)..