National Elk Refuge Sleigh Rides

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sleigh tour of national elk refuge1
sleigh tour of National Elk Refuge
Bull Elk
Bull Elk 2
Bull Elk 1

When you climb into a horse drawn sleigh that takes you for a ride onto the National Elk Refuge, you will find yourself in the middle of an adventure unlike any other.  It’s an amazing and exciting way to discover first hand new things about the area’s wildlife.  As you venture across the Refuge to the sounds of snow crunching beneath the horses’ feet, you will encounter sights that can only be found on the National Elk Refuge. The sleigh driver shares a lot of great information while getting you within feet of the magnificent elk. For over a century, The National Elk Refuge has been the wintering range for thousands of elk. Come be part of the experience by taking a horse-drawn sleigh ride.