Cave & Cavern Tours

Wild caves are scattered throughout Wyoming — creating a hidden world of stalactites, stalagmites and speleothems. The National Park Service offers several cave tours to visitors and park tours are notable for the quality of the interpretive program, with occasional graphics accompanying artifacts on display at certain points of the caves.

Also, The Bureau of Land Management is a great place to start when planning your spelunking adventure. The BLM office in Cody manages two caves: Spirit Mountain Cave and Horsethief Cave. Call the BLM office in Cody (307-578-5900) to arrange for a permit and to pickup the key. Another popular cave, Tongue River Cave in Bighorn National Forest, is 1.3 miles of limestone river channels buried 106 feet deep under the ground. Flowing water, condensation, strong entrance winds and a lot of time have created rare formations and striking speleothems.

If you’re exploring with kids, every summer youngsters get a chance to explore Sinks Canyon Cave in Sinks Canyon State Park, thanks to the Wyoming Division of State Parks, Historic Sites and Trails. Stop by the visitors center to learn about geologic wonders in the park, or check thier website for details.