Historic Mine Byways

Established by the Legislature in 2005, the Historic Mine Trail and Byway program was created for the purpose of identifying historic mine locations and designating trails and byways that link historic mines within the state.

South Pass City to Waltman Historic Mine Byway
The 2005 Legislature established the first Historic Mine Trail. This Trail links the gold mines located in South Pass City, Miners' Delight, and Atlantic City, to the uranium mines in the Crooks Gap and Gas Hills mining districts located in Fremont County, Wyoming.

Gold Flakes to Yellowcake Historic Mine Trail
The Gold Flakes Region, located in the Sweetwater Mining District at the headwaters of the Sweetwater River, contains the state’s only developed gold mines. This area witnessed the state’s only gold rush. Linking to the first mining developments in Wyoming are the uranium mines of the Yellowcake Region. Both gold and uranium contributed to the state’s boom and bust cycle.

Black Gold Byway, Natrona County
Black Gold Byway takes visitors through the Sale Creek oilfield and alongside Shannon and Teapot Dome oilfields. The intertwined development of these fields spurred Casper’s growth and the founding of Wyoming’s energy industry. Sale Creek launched Wyoming onto the national scene of energy producers while Teapot Dome shook the nation with the biggest political scandal of its time impacting corporate law since the 1920s.

Black Diamond Trail, Sheridan County
The early coal mines north of Sheridan are synonymous with the early settlement, economy, and culture of Sheridan County dating from the early 1890s. These mines and associated communities represented the population center of the County from the early 1890s through the late 1930s, with several mines and communities remaining in use until the mid 1970s.