is for bears.

It’s time to play.

For some, winter is something to get through. Or escape from. Not here. Winter’s when the wildlife comes down from their high alpine meadows and the tourists give way to the adventurers. It’s when we break out our skis, snowshoes, snowmobiles and snowboards. And go out and play.

We’re not in vail

anymore, toto.

5Reasons to ski Jackson Hole:

  • one

    The longest vertical drop
    in North America.

  • two

    A funky temperature inversion
    that makes it ten degrees
    warmer on the mountain.

  • three

    5400 acres of terrain in
    three ski areas.

  • four

    The average number of people
    you’ll find in a lift line.

  • five

    Powder you measure in feet,
    not inches. The list goes on,
    but you want to ski, not read.

They’re Wyoming’s less
famous ski areas, except
among snow snobs.

How’s the snow? That’s always the first thing out of a skier or snowboarder’s mouth. And we are always happy to reply -- deep, fluffy and abundant. Wyoming’s ski areas are famous for it. And for a distinct lack of crowds. Especially at some of the lesser-known resorts like Snowy Range, Hogadon, Big Horn and Sleeping Giant. It’s kind of nice having the whole place all to yourself.

  • Snowy Range Ski Resort

    Centennial, Southeast Wyoming

    Learn More
  • Sleeping Giant Ski Area

    Cody, Northwest Wyoming

    Learn More
  • Hogadon Ski Area

    Casper, Central Wyoming

    Learn More
  • Grand Targhee Resort

    Alta, Northwest Wyoming

    Learn More
  • Big Horn Ski Resort

    Ten Sleep, Northwest Wyoming

    Learn More
  • White Pine Resort

    Pinedale, Northwest Wyoming

    Learn More

Why rent gear?
Because last year’s latest and
greatest is now sold on eBay.

We’re sure your gear was the best money could buy. In its day. But ski technology never sleeps. Every season they come up with something that will make you an even better skier or rider. That’s what you’ll find in our rental shops. Gear so new, it’s almost like being a sponsored athlete.

When the animals outnumber the people,

you begin to wonder,
who’s viewing whom?

Hundreds of bison swing their heads back and forth to clear snow off the grass. Eagles soar in the thermals above the hot springs. Moose, deer and antelope walk around like they own the place. And so many elk surround your sleigh, it’s useless to try and count them all. Hard to believe, but you’ll have the pictures to prove it.

this is where the deer and the antelope play,

but why let them
have all the fun?

Non-stop flights.

For people who prefer to spend
vacation time in the mountains, not airports.

You’ve waited all year for this. We’re not about to make you wait a minute longer for a connecting flight. Nope, we’ve added even more non-stops from nine airports all across the country including Newark (EWR), San Francisco (SFO) and Minneapolis/St. Paul (MSP). If you live in one of these cities, and there’s a good chance you do, you’re even closer than you think.



of wyoming
is paved,

which leaves the rest for you.

If ever there was a place created for the snowmobile, it was Wyoming in winter. The countryside is as wide open as you’d like your throttle to be. The snow can stick around until June. And all roads lead to places that don’t have any.

Lodging, because even hard chargers like you have to sleep sometime.

But where? A spa that will soothe all those muscles you forgot you had? The kind of place movie stars stay? Or maybe something a little more basic? We have them all. Log on to pick your favorite.

Every day in wyoming is a big event.

we just give some
of them names.

  • Cheyenne Christmas Parade

    Learn More

    November 2012

  • Pedigree stage stop sled dog race

    Learn More

    January 2013

  • Saratoga Ice Fishing Derby

    Learn More

    January 2013

  • Wild West Winter Carnival

    Learn More

    January 2013

  • Donald e. erickson memorial chariot races

    Learn More

    February 2013

  • Winterfest in Jackson

    Learn More

    February 2013

  • Jackson Hole Mountain Festival

    Learn More

    March 2013

  • Big fish ice fishing derby-pinedale

    Learn More

    March 2013

You’ve got a whole state calling
you to come out and play.

So visit WyomingTourism.org to plan your trip.