Travel Advisory

May 27, 2015, 10:08 a.m.

U.S. 20/Wyoming 789 reopens through Wind River Canyon
Wind River Canyon update: U.S. 20/Wyoming 789 has reopened to traffic as of 10:08 a.m.
"For safety's sake, please show courtesy driving through the canyon," said Cody Beers, Wyoming Department of Transportation public relations specialist in Riverton. "Please be vigilant of what's ahead of you and on the road. The soils in the canyon walls are still super-saturated with moisture, and we may see additional hazards in the roadway. Please buckle up and drive safely."
WYDOT was prepared to open U.S. 20/Wyoming 789 late Tuesday afternoon, but the National Weather Service in Riverton issued a flash flood warning midnight today for Hot Springs County, including Wind River Canyon.
Some rain fell in Wind River Canyon last night and left rocks on the road.
"Those rocks have been cleared, and the canyon is open for travel," Beers said.
With the highway reopened through Wind River Canyon, motorists are warned of a stepped-down speed of 65 to 45 to 30 mph through the MP 123 area (big mud slide area near Chimney Rock) in the north end of Wind River Canyon.
"We plan to leave the speed limit at 65 mph through the rest of the canyon with the hope that folks will respect the slow speed where it is most critical," Beers said. "Motorists should expect enhanced speed enforcement through Wind River Canyon in the coming days."
WYDOT consulted with National Weather Service forecasters Tuesday afternoon, and the National Weather Service forecasters are projecting a slow-moving storm to pass over Wind River Canyon tonight that has potential to drop one inch per hour for 3 hours.
That storm tracked north of Wind River Canyon.